LuLaRoe Hostess Tips

How to be the LuLaRoe Hostess with the Mostess!

Throwing a party and shopping with your friends is going to be so fab! And the best thing is… as a LuLaRoe hostess, YOU EARN FREE ITEMS and your friends go home with gorgeous goodies that they will love! How many FREE pieces do you want to earn? There is NO limit!  For every five items they purchase, you get one free item of your choice!

Here are my top 6 tips to hosting a fabulous LuLaRoe party online:

Invite 30+ people

Brainstorm AT LEAST 30 people that you know would love LuLaRoe! Neighbors, friends, family, kids friends parents, your hairstylist, your banker, your workout buddy.  Make sure they know why you love it, that there is no presentation, no catalogue, and no pressure.  Just fun shopping with the gals!

Post and engage your guests!

Post pictures of yourself in your favorite LuLaRoe pieces! And be specific about why you love them! Fill up your newsfeed with excitement about the products! Post every day in the week leading up to the party – outfit ideas, legging memes, video talking about how excited you are to start wearing LuLaRoe because it makes you confident and comfortable in your own skin… the list is endless. If your guests know how much you love it, they are going to want to find out what all the fuss is about!

Remind them!

Tag or message the ladies the day before the sale! Let them know that the best selection of clothes will be early on during the sale.  Send a text message in case they don’t check their social media that day.

The day of…

(or the morning of), post on the wall reminding them how to shop and to make sure they choose you on the checkout form – that’s how you get credit for their purchases

During the Sale…

Comment on items you love, tag friends if you see something they would just die for! Comment on the items you want for YOUR closet, help answer their questions about sizing, how to purchase, etc. When I was a hostess, before I became a retailer, I went through pinterest and found similar pieces for inspiration and posted them on the available inventory – so people could see how they look in real life.  It helped move items!

Be yourself and have fun!

This should really feel like a party!!! I love getting to know you and your friends better.  This fulfills my purpose in selling LuLaRoe, which is to help women know their worth and feel comfortable in their own skin.  These clothes help us all feel that way, no matter our size, shape or color.  Thank you so much for hosting this party!  It is going to be a whole lot of fun!  Your friends will feel your excitement and it will be contagious!

Not sure what to say to your friends? Feel free to copy and paste! Sample Message to friends: “Hey (guest name)!  I’m absolutely obsessed with LuLaRoe clothes! So much, that I want all my friends to know how wonderful they make women look and feel! So, I’m playing LuLaRoe hostess in a Facebook group and I’d love it if you can shop with us! It’s happening Tuesday night at 5pm Pacific, right here on Facebook, so you can shop from your couch with wine in hand LOL. Here’s the link… My LuLaRoe retailer, Chrissi Wozniak, is great with personal styling and will also be doing a giveaways throughout the party!!! Whoohoo! You don’t want to miss it!