My Story



Hi, I’m Chrissi! It’s so nice to meet you! If you’ve found my space here on the internet, it’s probably because you saw a picture of some awesome LuLaRoe Clothing and you went on a search to find out more about it!


I’m originally from the Beautiful East Coast State of Maryland. My family and I now reside in the Gorgeous Temecula Valley of Southern California! I know, “Big Move”, but we’ll get to that…


I have been blessed to have a husband for 12 years, that I know was put on this earth for me. He is the kindest, hardest working and supportive person I know. We laugh together, grow together and hold each other up.

We count our blessings every day that we have 2 amazing children who keep us entertained, make us proud and drive us crazy! We love them so much!



My family and I relocated across country from Maryland to California with my Husband’s job at the end of 2015. We took an opportunity from his company knowing what a big change it would mean for us, leaving a home that we loved and friends and family behind. But, in our hearts, it was something we knew we had to do, even though it was scary. We settled in to our new home, my husband into his new job and our kids in their new schools. But, I was feeling lost and detached. I became depressed and it was the lowest I’d ever felt. I felt, literally, so far away from everyone I knew and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Having only ever lived in one state my whole life, this was a completely different experience for me, in my mid-thirties, change was hard! I prayed for a way to afford to fly back home. California is expensive, Y’all!

LuLaRoe presented itself to me in the form of a text message from my friends “you have to try these leggings, they are the softest things you’ve ever felt in your entire life, seriously you have to buy some!” Being depressed and lost, required some retail therapy, so I typed in “LuLaRoe Consultant, Temecula” in my trusty assistant, Google, and found a consultant near me.  I purchased a pair of leggings and a Randy T at an online party and asked for pick-up! This day changed my life. I went to pick up my order from my consultant, who would soon become my sponsor. I knew from that first purchase that I had to take this opportunity and run with it.  In my heart, I knew it was something I HAD TO DO!


  • I love that I can work from home and spend my days with my children
  • I love that I am setting an example for them of hard work and the success that is achieved through it.
  • I love that I can adjust my own schedule and work as little or as much as I want.
  • I love that I can work WHEN I want – mostly while my kids are at school or at night when they sleep.
  • I love that I am making friends in my new city through my business! I’ve met some incredible people and families, my customers and my team members!
  • I love that I get to be surrounded by beautiful clothing that makes me excited to get dressed everyday! Every day is a dress day, because WHY NOT??
  • I love that I am contributing to our families finances and the burden is no longer only on my husband’s shoulders.
  • I love that through financial freedom, we can provide the lifestyle we want for our family and we are able to afford to travel back home to visit with our family and friends, this job answered my prayers!
  • Most of all, I love that I am able to share this opportunity with other women and men who are looking for the freedom that I’ve found with LuLaRoe. I have a team of retailers under me that I get to teach and train!
  • I am having a blast with this job and I am so glad I made this life-changing decision to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!


Thank you for visiting my blog and business page.
This is a place for me to talk about the life I love and styling LuLaRoe clothing. It is a place for those interested in learning more about LuLaRoe as a company and for those interested in owning their own independent LuLaRoe business.

To get more information about owning your own independent LuLaRoe business, please Contact Me.


Much love,